As a person who carries only his phone, wallet, and keys when he leaves the house, I started to wonder what others carried when they departed for the day. It's interesting what people find necessary to have on them.

Name: Jordan "Goldeen" Blackley

Occupation: Server at Manuel's Tavern

Location: Back of Manuel's Tavern

"I carry around that 20-sided die with me because the first time I rolled it, I ended up rolling a twenty.It helped me win that game I was playing and now it's my lucky die. I’ve had the wallet for over 15 years. Bought it at a Renaissance festival and it's a workhorse. I got the bottle opener from a local artist around Atlanta. He makes all sorts of cool shit."

Name: Sam Morgan

Occupation: Human Technology Consultant at Deloitte

Location: House of residence

"Carrying two phones for work is pretty standard, but one time it saved my other phone from being lost. I left my personal one at the client site and ended up using the work one to track it down with GPS and a little help from a janitor. For some reason my glasses always get dirty. I carry lens wipes because shirt cleanings don’t get the job done for me. The Tide pen has been a life saver. I ended up using it a lot more than I thought I was going to when I bought it.

Name: Danielle Q. Johnson

Occupation: Art Director and Firearms Instructor at Quickshot Shooting Range.

Location: Creative Circus right after getting off work.

Bullets and casings are left in the range and I pick them up to be throw away later. I usually forget about them in my pocket and I end up putting them in a bucket in my car. I probably have around 500 rounds of random ammo in that bucket. I’m gonna turn it into an art piece soon. A regular at the range actually gave me that shotgun shell knife, super sweet guy. My dad loves to give me little trinkets every once in a while. His new thing is flashlights and now I own a mini tactical flashlight that produces 25 lumens of light. It apparently can even cause temporary blindness.