The Connecticut & Maine lotteries love to make radio spots. So I was more than happy

to give them some fresh way to brighten someone's commute.

Don't know what to get your dad for Father's day? Let me hit you with a 8-bar real quick.

It's great when you get the voice actor to do the pirate and the parrot.

When I think "theater of the mind", I like to think in epic  proportions.

I'll always take a chance on trying to add disco music to my spots.

I thought "What's the wildest thing you can do with your winnings?"

When you just gotta tell everyone, tell them like you're on top of the world.

It was actually hard to get the voice actor to get the witch cackle right, but worth the whole spot. 

We even had a really nice billboard come out of it.

17-CLC-0028_TreasureHunt_DigitalBillboard_080917_984x312 copy 3.jpg

Here’s a video I worked on for a PSA about some scams.